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Posted by on August 16th, 2012 with 0 Comments


“VIVID VISIONS” is a 7-man group show that I’ve put together at the wonderful Compound Gallery in Portland, OR. – I invited some of my most favorite artists -

Arbito (Jesse Hibert), Buff Monster, Grant Wiggins, Martin Ontiveros, Pinky, Spencer Hibert - What a line up! No rules or themes for this show. Pure freedom. All these guys made really amazing work for the show, so if you live in Portland and havent seen it in person yet, you just cray cray.

I had a blast creating the new paintings and even did a few collabs with Buff Monster! See —>

You can check out pictures from the night below and also on Compound’s Facebook page - click here.

VIvid Visions runs through September 2nd.  Artwork from the show can be purchased here.

Here are some more paintings I did for the show-


Now, enjoy some pics from the night!

Big thanks to Katsu, Molly and Nate for making this happen!

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