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MELTDOWN – Group show

Posted by on July 6th, 2010 with 0 Comments


It’s hot here in Arizona, especially in the summer. This doesn’t stop us from having art shows though… Giddy up!

Above is a little poster I did for the show…

The line up for the show is amazing-

Bwana Spoons / Le Merde / David Horvath / Sucklord / Martin Ontiveros / Naoshi/ Spencer Hibert / Oliver Hibert / Grant Wiggins / Koji Harmon / Andrew Hadle / Grease Bat / Josh Herbolsheimer / Jeremyville / INSA / Cope 2 / Mark Nagata / Big Foot / Cupco / Pinky / John Black / Kristin Bauer / Emmett Potter / Piper Ferguson / EKL Bearmy / Monster Hero / Robert Zunigha / Michael Little / Miss Lotion / Kiyoka Ikeda / Kill / Tripper Dungan / Steve Agin / Mykil Zep / Phillip Hilliker

Here is my painting for the show – “Sanctum Sanctorum”

The opening was good fun with all kinds of great peeples and friends popping in…

Sneeking out…

All of the artworks in the show were fantastic, here are just a few of my faves-

Prolific painter and good friend Grant Wiggins had 8 of these new and super cool experimental paper cut outs. You almost need sunglasses for these since they were so bright. Grant + Fluorescent = :)   Now go check out his paintings, I guarantee it will be worth your time.

My Brother Spencer Hibert made this must see in person, larger than life bust of his GooGooGahndi!

Clear blue resin, so rad! Pictures just dont do this justice… Im pretty sure its at least 2.5 – 3 ft tall! Go Spencer!

John Black‘s unusually amusing as usual drawings – These are titled “fat kids and ice cream”. Love the fat kid on the left wearing an old skool nintendo shirt!


And I really enjoyed seeing some originals of Japan based artist Naoshi’s “sunae” sandblown works, another must see in person!

So good in fact, I had to come back the next day to snag a photo, Hence the crappy reflections of me and the Bug… Sorry.

good stuffs!

Soyal Gallery‘s Melt Down show is up until August 12th 2010.

All work is available for purchase here and here.

Gallery hours: M-Sat 12pm-5pm, Thur & Sat open till 9pm

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