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The Story of Chris and Eddy

Posted by on April 29th, 2009 with 0 Comments

A few months back I received an email from a Chris B. out of California asking if I was cool with letting him get a tattoo of my painting “Eddy the Eye”. Of course I was cool with it, as long as he definitely knew what he wanted and more importantly be wearing it on his body the rest of his life. Chris knew what he wanted and got the Tattoo…


When the tattoo was finished he kindly sent me a photo and told me something that I didn’t expect to hear. He said that he lost his right eye in an injury as a small child. He also told me that he now has a better story to tell. This is his story -

“A long time ago, Eddy the Fairy was decapitated by an ogre. Needing a new head, he went searching for a suitable replacement. Finding me asleep in my crib as a child, he plucked my right eye out of my head and placed it atop his headless body. He had found his new head.

Having stolen my eye, he became Eddy the Eye, my fairy godfather. Now he must sit on my back and watch over and protect me.”

I thought this was a cool story and wanted to share it with everyone out there. I was also very happy that he had rhyme and reason to get the tattoo instead of just “getting something that looks cool.”  Thanks for the story Chris, I hope everyone enjoys your story as much as I did. May Eddy protect you for all of time.


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  1. anitaa says:

    crazy !!!!!
    I will create a link for that story on my blog.
    I love your paintings.
    I will soon make a post on your work because of the “eye ball” story…
    with a link on your web-site
    Keep-up the good work !

  2. Very very cool. Touching in fact. It’s always a good feeling when our art touches someone’s heart. Crazy tattoo too :)

  3. Por says:

    wow!!!!! I love your paintings.